"I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it."

–Stacey Hersh


Actually it was Igor Stravinsky who said that, not me. But we did play chess.


Well, not exactly...

What is true? I love his music. And Stravinsky’s quote speaks of the abstract language that I wrestle with daily, and the great emotional impact it holds.

I have primarily been involved as a composer for television and film, utilizing my traditional music background as well as an extensive knowledge of electronic music, computers and leading technologies.

My scores and songs have been featured in dozens of TV shows, TV and feature films. In my work I endeavor to incorporate my eclectic tastes and experiences, drawing on styles from electronica and ambient to lush thematic and dense orchestral works.

I am always prowling for new sounds, and delight in unconventional approaches to conventional situations.

And I once went fly fishing with Aaron Copland. Actually.


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Television Series

Wild Card
Lifetime, 2004-2005

Ace Lightning
BBC Worldwide, 2002

BBC Worldwide, 1998-2000

Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales
PBS, 1996

Shining Time Station
PBS, 1991-1993


The Family Tree
Vivi Friedman, 2011

Black Crescent Moon
Adam Pertofsky, 2008

Phantom Punch (Feature Songs)
Robert Townsend, 2008

Television Films

Very, Very Valentine
Hallmark 2018

Magical Christmas Ornaments  
Hallmark, 2017

High-Rise Rescue
Uptv, 2017

The Christmas Cure
Hallmark, 2017

Sound Of Christmas
Hallmark, 2016

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas
Hallmark, 2015

Merry Matrimony
Hallmark, 2015

Christmas Incorporated
Hallmark, 2015

The Hazing Secret
Lifetime, 2014

Angels And Ornaments
Hallmark, 2014

One Starry Christmas
Hallmark, 2014

The Christmas Parade
Hallmark, 2014

Best Christmas Party Ever
Hallmark, 2014

Cold Spring
Lifetime, 2013

The Twelve Trees Of Christmas
Lifetime, 2013

Finding Christmas
Hallmark, 2013

Catch A Christmas Star
Hallmark, 2013

A Very Merry Mix-up
Hallmark, 2013

Aladdin And The Death Lamp
Syfy, 2012

Witchslayer Gretl
Syfy, 2012

Come Dance With Me
Hallmark, 2012

Christmas Song
Hallmark, 2012

Baby's First Christmas
Hallmark, 2012

Christmas Magic
Hallmark, 2011

The Case For Christmas
Hallmark, 2011

You Lucky Dog
Hallmark, 2010

Red:Werewolf Hunter
Syfy, 2010

The Santa Suit
Hallmark, 2010

Cancel Christmas
Hallmark, 2010

The Town Christmas Forgot
Hallmark, 2010

Every Second Counts
Hallmark, 2008

Wide Awake
Lifetime, 2007

Lies And Crimes
Lifetime, 2007

They Come Back
Lifetime, 2007

Still Small Voices
Lifetime, 2007

Lifetime, 2006

Cheaters Club
Lifetime, 2006

Between Truth And Lies
Lifetime, 2006


Sheet Music


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Original Soundtrack Recording

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